Best of Books Local Author Program


    Congratulations on the publication of your self-published book!  Best of Books has enjoyed supporting local authors through our consignment program and has a longtime commitment to continue that support. This program gives BoB a way to carry a wide variety of indie and self-published titles that we normally would not stock. 

     If you are interested in Best of Books carrying your book, please review the following guidelines to help understand our process:

  • While BoB supports authors across Oklahoma, priority is given to local authors in the Oklahoma City area. It has been our experience that authors who have a local connection do well in their book sales. This does not mean authors from outside the metro area or state cannot be on our shelves. We often carry books from authors who live outside the metro area and Oklahoma but still have ties to the area.
  • If you are not familiar with our store, then we strongly encourage you to visit us to get a feel for the character and community as well as the types of books we carry. Take a look at our events calendar at and on social media to see when the next Afternoon with Oklahoma Authors may be and see how other local authors promote and sell at BoB.

Here are some of our general guidelines:

  • We will not carry print-on-demand books. All inventory must be in hand to go on our shelves.
  • Even though we discourage books published by Amazon or its subsidiaries, i.e. Createspace, we will consider them on a case-by-case basis. There are many choices out there to help you publish your book. Consider Ingram Spark: Please take that into consideration before you sign on with any publisher.
  • Author and Title on the spine are required, BoB’s selection process will allow us to have more indie-published books on the shelves. If customers can only see a blank spine or a staple, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will find your book. 
  •  Your book should be professionally bound, finished, edited and have an ISBN. Exceptions may be made, but remember that your book will be compared to all the other titles in our store.
  • Your book should be comparably priced to other titles of its size and genre.

       If your book is available from a small publisher that we do not have an account with, we are still happy to review your book, but we would need to bring the book in through our consignment program. There are a vast number of publishers, and it may not be possible for us to order directly from them.

If your book meets these requirements, please follow these steps below to submit it to us for consideration:
  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of the screen or click here.
  2. We will review your submission and notify you if a review copy is requested.
  3. If your title is accepted, Best of Books will reach out to you directly.

      If it has been a few weeks, you can check to see where we are on your book by emailing We appreciate your understanding as we try to curate the best selection for our store. 

      If your book is accepted, we will contact you and ask you to sign a contract. There is a mandatory handling fee of $25 for one title, and $10 for each additional title due at the signing that includes placement in our special local indie published section. If your book is available through Ingram, it will automatically be added to our website. 


      Of the retail cost, 60% goes to the author and 40% to Best of Books. All books must be returnable. (Other independent bookstores may have different terms for various reasons.)

       Books will be carried for a period of 90 days. After that time, a decision will be made to continue to carry the title or we will return it to make room for another author’s book. We refresh our title choices in the local section every quarter, if possible. During the quarter at the end of the year from September-December, we cannot guarantee that we will have the time to rotate books in and out. If you have a holiday title, please submit your request about six months before the holiday.

        Authors can check the sales of their book by emailing the store at any time. If a book is performing exceptionally well in sales and needs to be restocked, authors will be contacted directly.

Tips for success if your book is chosen:

  • Encourage your friends, family and others to buy your books at Best of Books.
  • Place a reminder that your book can be purchased at Best of Books on your website and any social media/online presence you have.
  • Contact your local media, send out press releases and use social media to promote your event. 
  • Get involved with book clubs, libraries and any other organizations that would be a fit for your book.

     We look forward to working with you!

     Note: BoB Management reserves the right to override any provisions stated in this or cancel the consignment agreement at any time.