Into the Ruins: Spring 2016 (Paperback)

Into the Ruins: Spring 2016 By Joel Caris (Editor), J. Shamburger, N. N. Scott Cover Image
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Inside these pages are visions of a deindustrial future. These stories are a different way of understanding our future, devoid of spaceships and interstellar travel and instead focusing on a future defined by natural limits, energy and resource depletion, industrial decline, climate change, and other consequences stemming from the reckless and shortsighted exploitation of our planet. These are imaginings of the ways that humans will adapt, survive, live, die, and thrive within this future. From a civilization 1,500 years from now whose religions stem from the Principia Discordia and a worship of commerce, to agricultural societies dealing with climate change and chaos, to ritualistic death by rising sea and the struggles of a small town doctor, these stories take a hard look at the destructive ways in which we are currently treating our ecosystems, consider the inevitable consequences, and map out the likely futures we are making for ourselves. The results, rooted firm right here on Earth, are fascinating and compelling.
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ISBN: 9780692699164
ISBN-10: 0692699163
Publisher: Figuration Press
Publication Date: April 21st, 2016
Pages: 110
Language: English