Into the Ruins: Fall 2016 (Paperback)

Into the Ruins: Fall 2016 By Jason Heppenstall, Catherine McGuire, Ian O'Reilly Cover Image
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Into the Ruins returns with a new slate of fascinating and compelling stories exploring futures defined by natural limits, energy and resource depletion, industrial decline, climate change, and other consequences stemming from our shortsighted and reckless exploitation of our only world. These are the sort of futures, set right here on earth, that we're likely to get, as opposed to shiny fantasies set amongst the stars. You'll find within a fantastic new story from Jason Heppenstall in which a mysterious old man cultivates a garden on the dusty outskirts of a desert town, Catherine McGuire exploring one woman's fight against cruelty and exploitation, a tale from Matthew Griffiths set in the world of John Michael Greer's Star's Reach, a meditative snapshot of our post-oil future from Ian O'Reilly, and a lovely new tale from Rachel White that captures the mythic dimensions of our future. Not to mention, a new "Deindustrial Futures Past" column from John Michael Greer, Justin Patrick Moore's survey of characters from James Howard Kunstler's World Made By Hand series, and a thought-provoking, rollicking, filled-to-the-brim letters section.
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ISBN: 9780997865615
ISBN-10: 099786561X
Publisher: Figuration Press
Publication Date: November 4th, 2016
Pages: 110
Language: English