Into the Ruins: Winter 2017 (Paperback)

Into the Ruins: Winter 2017 By Chloe Woods, Ralph Walker, Jeanne LaBonte Cover Image
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In this fourth issue of Into the Ruins, we explore futures near and far, all of them unique and dealing in their own ways with the fallout from fossil fuel exploitation and ecological destruction. In these stories, we see everyday people grappling with political chaos, economic contraction, the destruction wrought by rising seas, and the surprising cultural and social constructs found hundreds of years in the future. These stories bring us new visions of the future made far more enjoyable by their absence of the usual science fiction tropes. Instead of interstellar travel, we get an abandoned and dilapidated old church in the woods with a lively history of religion and scandal; communication and friendship between species; the search for a particular treasure in the flooded remains of a great American city; a Cardinal's fascinating letter about surprise visitors from the sea; and a near future tale of social unrest that plays off the uncertain political mood of the day. Also included is a new column from John Michael Greer, reviews of deindustrial science fiction novels, and another thought-provoking letters section, making this an issue not to be missed.
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ISBN: 9780997865622
ISBN-10: 0997865628
Publisher: Figuration Press
Publication Date: February 27th, 2017
Pages: 116
Language: English