Into the Ruins: Summer 2018 (Paperback)

Into the Ruins: Summer 2018 By Joel Caris, Chloe Woods, Alistair Herbert Cover Image
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This new issue of Into the Ruins brings with it surprises, new adventures, and at least one familiar landscape-all brought to us by writers old and new. Alistair Herbert returns one more time to the world of "The Change Year" and "Archive" to bring his triptych of the future to a close. Brian Koukol weaves us a delightful tale of the future in which the old world is brought back to life in a surprising way. Chloe Woods takes us to a light house at the edge of the sea and the dangerous visitors who come knocking, while Kyle E. Miller shows us a locked and frozen land of winter. Finally, in an exciting first for this magazine, John Michael Greer's stellar deindustrial science fiction story, "Winter's Tales," is brought to vivid, visual life in comic form by Marcu Knoesen and Walt Barna. Couple these stories with a tight and compelling letters section and an essay from Hannes Rollin on what the role of religion, superstition, and magic should be in deindustrial science fiction, and you have yourself one of the more fascinating issues of Into the Ruins yet brought to life.
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ISBN: 9780997865684
ISBN-10: 0997865687
Publisher: Figuration Press
Publication Date: August 27th, 2018
Pages: 110
Language: English