King Solomon Street (Paperback)

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The concept of this book relays to parents and children's practical steps to learn, forgive, and gain friends. Learning principles from the Bible reflect the heart of Jesus. Forgiving each other increases growth. Gaining new friends is the beginning of developing a positive outlook on ways to solve a problem. Working with children has led me to see how creating a book based on biblical principles allows them to realize, "Hey, this actually works." The book is not about religion, but only relates to building character such as giving and showing love. Children learn to communicate, enhance, or decrease peer pressures. My goal is to expose children to solving real-life problems that may require parent assistance, gain friends, and doing the right thing. This is meant to build character. King Solomon Street is a neighborhood street that is full of games and fun. The children strive to gain prizes by winning and choosing to do the right thing. Let's see what happens
Cassandra Bishop currently resides in South Carolina. Writing children's books became a passion while attending a creative writing class at New Paltz College in New York. There, a hidden talent became a dream that eventually birthed into a reality. A desire to continue education at Phoenix University and complete a Bachelor Health Administration degree. Eventually I obtained a Masters degree in Mental Health Counselor was achieved at Webster University. The main concentration of the career is in cognitive behavioral therapy, substance abuse, and working with children. Family traditions consist of praying, fun, and celebrations. These memories inspire her to write children's books focusing on various types of relationships. The book reveals how peer problems challenge children to become better people by applying principles from the Bible.

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ISBN: 9781632213266
ISBN-10: 1632213265
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 50
Language: English