Borrowed Trouble: A Melanie Bass Mystery (Paperback)

Borrowed Trouble: A Melanie Bass Mystery By Christine Falcone Cover Image
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After the murder of her ex-husband is solved, visiting nurse Melanie Bass is confident she will never again cross paths with Detective Sunny Cody. She is shocked when the detective suddenly shows up on her doorstep to ask Melanie for a favor. What starts out as an assignment Detective Cody assures her will be quick and simple, instead soon puts Melanie, her dog Bruno, and Detective Cody herself in serious jeopardy. Melanie quickly becomes increasingly enmeshed in an investigation involving drugs, lies, and danger.

To make things worse, Melanie's good friend Lynn Duncan is being stalked by an unknown man, and Melanie's love life is threatened by her commitment to helping Detective Cody. While compelled by what she feels is a moral and personal obligation to be involved with Detective Cody's investigation, Melanie must also find a balance in her personal life and avoid putting her own life in further jeopardy.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781685124618
ISBN-10: 1685124615
Publisher: Level Best Books
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English