Magical Princess Harriet: Chessed, World of Compassion (Paperback)

Magical Princess Harriet: Chessed, World of Compassion By Leiah Moser, Magdalena Zwierzchowska (Illustrator) Cover Image
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"To put it simply, Harris Baumgartner was late to school on the first day of the seventh grade because something he saw in the abandoned lot at the end of his street changed his life forever..."

Middle school can be tough, especially when you can't figure out whether you're supposed to be a boy or a girl. Homework and gym class are hard enough to deal with, but what exactly do you do when a pushy angel shows up insisting you're a magical princess and that it's your job to defend your school from the forces of darkness? For Harris Baumgartner, only one thing is certain -- life is about to get a lot more complicated

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ISBN: 9781732055018
ISBN-10: 1732055017
Publisher: Dag Gadol
Publication Date: March 5th, 2018
Pages: 402
Language: English