Black by Rose: When Killing is the Only Way Forward (Paperback)

Black by Rose: When Killing is the Only Way Forward Cover Image
By Andrew Barrett, Emmy Ellis (Cover Design by)
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Crime Scene Investigator, Eddie Collins, always did the right thing - only this time it could kill him.

Eddie knew there was something out of place. It was a double murder but rigged to look like a murder-suicide, and it was high-profile enough for the Major Crime Unit (MCU) to recruit him.

But that's when Eddie's problems really began.

Slade Crosby's vile gang, murder, rape, and rob their way around the city. The MCU have been trying to bring down the whole family for years, but Slade always wriggled free - growing stronger, further out of reach.

When Eddie finds a victim dead, he takes things to a dangerous new level, and discovers why Slade is always one step ahead. Someone is prepared to sell-out undercover officers, prepared to kill Eddie Collins too, just to stay away from their own past.

With a gun at his head, Eddie must find a way to survive, and then go after Slade and his accomplice. Time is running out, and if he fails, his will be the first of many funerals.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781739659318
ISBN-10: 1739659317
Publisher: Ink Foundry
Publication Date: May 18th, 2022
Pages: 400
Language: English