The Amarisian Prophecies: The Converging (Paperback)

The Amarisian Prophecies: The Converging By Zoe Nauman Cover Image
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Njeri has always been gifted, preparing since childhood to become one of the Spirit people who channel the magic force that binds the realm of Amaris. But when she accidentally taps into the Ruach-an evil force that destroys rather than creates, and tears asunder what is best left bound-her mistake releases the greatest enemy Amaris has ever known: the wicked Queen Sathariel.

Now, the evil queen's shadow darkens the land. And the only way for Njeri to stop her is with the Fylakistone, a magical talisman that was broken in eons past and, if the pieces are reassembled, can imprison Queen Sathariel and save Amaris.

Joining forces with Chloe, a teenage girl transported from Earth to Amaris through a time traveling magic portal, Njeri will risk everything to find the shattered Fylakistone, to join the pieces and capture the wicked queen.

But Queen Sathariel has plans of her own. Plans that will turn the kingdoms of Amaris to war, its people to battle. Plans to shatter the world, and remake it in her own image...unless two girls can learn to trust each other, trust themselves, and halt the doom of The Converging.

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ISBN: 9781955043786
ISBN-10: 1955043787
Publisher: Illumify Media
Publication Date: June 8th, 2022
Pages: 110
Language: English