Animal Farm (Paperback)

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Novella by George Orwell called Animal Farm is sarcastic and allegorical. A bunch of farm animals rebel against their human farmer in this tale. The rebellion is ultimately put down, and the farm is left in an even worse condition than it was before.Two young pigs named Snowball and Napoleon take over Manor Farm in Willingdon, England, in the novel Animal Farm. They adopt the "All Animals Are Equal" commandment, which is the most important of the "Seven Commandments of Animalism."In Animal Farm, Napoleon declares that he invented the windmill and rids the farm of animals who he believes are in league with Mr. Jones's former enemy Snowball. Many animals that are allegedly aiding Snowball in plans are killed by Napoleon's hounds. The song "Animal Farm" is substituted for "Beasts of England," and a song is written and performed in praise of Napoleon, who is apparently embracing a man's way of life.The majority of the animals that took part in the rebellion are now either old or dead. As the pigs begin to walk upright, carry whips, consume alcohol, and wear clothing, they begin to resemble people. The animals outside can no longer tell the difference between pigs and men when they look at them.
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