Eat, Pray, Hex (Paperback)

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Paranormal and perimenopausal? Amelia's got double trouble.

When hot flash-prone cookie shop owner Amelia inherits a spooky Florida inn, she plans to sell it fast. But the place is haunted by a unsolved murder, and her dead aunt tasks her with using her newfound psychic powers to crack the case.

Armed with nothing but a quirky historian sidekick and a posse of supernaturally-gifted locals, Amelia taps into the spirit world to unravel clues about the decades-old crime. She expected creaky floorboards, not messages from the other side.

Between misbehaving ghosts, a slow-burn attraction to her ghost hunting guide, and her deepening connection to her estranged aunt, this midlife paranormal adventure isn't what Amelia bargained for. But if she can't embrace her emerging psychic gifts and solve the mystery, the spirits may sink her hotel sale for good.

Saddle up for a suspenseful yet laugh-out-loud tale proving it's never too late to awaken your inner psychic detective. EAT, PRAY, HEX is a cozy paranormal read for fans of quirky stories, supernatural hijinks, and a daring heroine trying not to lose her mind at midlife.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989326907
Publisher: Sunshine City Press
Publication Date: October 13th, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English