Recent studies have shown that children and adults who read actual books retain more, are more empathetic and sleep better at night. The American Academy of Pediatrics also unveiled a policy in 2014 that urges parents to read daily to their children to enhance vocabulary and communication skills as well as help them succeed later in school. Another study shows that students whose families have at least two bookshelves with actual books learned three times more than the average student.

"Books at home are the single most important predictor of student performance in most countries," wrote the study's authors from Stanford and the University of Munich and reported in


Storytime (above) is offered at the store every Saturday at 11am.

Best of Books is devoted to children and improving their experience with books, and our store offers a large variety of children's books, toys, and educational items for all ages. One half of our bookstore is devoted to books and items that children and people young at art will cherish. Our selection of books includes chapter, board, picture, and even books that can't be destroyed!

In addition, Best of Books also offers a weekly free storytime. At 11 a.m. every Saturday, a BOB staff member or published author will read to your children and usually offer an activity to accompany the story.

BOB also offers special activities during Spring Break, summer and other special events. And several students will often stop by Best of Books after school to read or say hi to us.

Best of Books has also received a $3,500 grant from the James Patterson Foundation to provide free books to children in low-performing or special-needs schools. The grants are given to independent bookstores that offer innovative ways to reach children through books. BOB will be developing a program for this fall.

In September 2016, Best of Books launched Bodacious BOB's Book Drive, providing donations of books to Oklahoma schools in need. We hope to continue this endeavour and help schools and individuals alike foster a love for reading in Oklahoma's young people.

We offer crafts and activities for kids of all ages!