Author C. M. Healy left SIGNED COPIES in the store!

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Author C. M. Healy left us some SIGNED COPIES of his books Beyond the After and If Mom Became an Octopus! (Available while supplies last, in store only).

About Beyond the After: The end. Yet, it’s never really “the end” because “the end” is simply the conclusion of one story, the end of one struggle between good and evil. Thus, “the end” is really the beginning of a new tale. A new chapter past the “happily ever after.” More to tell of the heroes and heroines we know and love. And for three legendary tales there was more. Another story. A story, beyond the after.
Once the “I dos” were said, Snow White and Prince Charming did what every queen and king would do, start a family. They had a beautiful daughter, Princess Lillian, who has led a fairly uneventful life as far as princess’ lives go. That is, until a faction of rogue Drodic citizens crashes her eighteenth birthday party, sending an ominous warning not only throughout the Valanti Kingdom, but also throughout the entire continent of Azshura. Now, a battle they thought was in their past has reemerged, threatening the lives of the people of Valanti, including its royal family—especially Lillian.
Can the mysterious figure who has entered her life be trusted?
As Lillian tries to discover who is targeting her, she must rely on the help of old friends and new, thus intertwining the lives of three famous queens and their eldest daughters in a way they couldn’t have possibly imagined.
Lillian will have to push past boundaries she never knew existed as she is forced to choose between her responsibilities to her kingdom, or to the one she loves.

About If Mom Became an Octopus: A young boy imagines his mother having various animal abilities to help him with his shortcomings. He fantasizes about all the amazing things his mom would be able to do. But is this really the right solution? Maybe something better can be done to solve his problems.

C.M. Healy currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, dog, and two giant cats where he teaches seventh grade science. When he's not busy with teaching and writing, he enjoys building Lego sets, playing video games, reading comic books (The Flash is his favorite), and watching TV with his best buddy, his wife. He earned the distinguished award of Eagle Scout during high school and went on to obtain his masters in child development from Oklahoma State University. He has been working with and entertaining children of all ages ever since.

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