Find Waldo in Edmond this July!

Best of Books has teamed up with 24 local businesses to host a city-wide search for everyone’s favorite red and white striped hiding champion, Waldo starting July 1-31! Find Waldo Local is a free, family-friendly summer activity and a wonderful way to support local businesses. 

Get in on the search by picking up a “Find Waldo Local in Edmond!” stamp card, which contains the names of all the participating stores. With each Waldo you find around town, you will get your card stamped or signed by the participating shop.

Collect TEN stamps to receive a Waldo Sticker and a $1 OFF coupon for any Waldo book!

Collect TWENTY or more stamps will earn Waldo seekers an entry into a grand-prize drawing for Waldo books and prizes!

Celebrate the search with us at 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 1. BoB will have raffle prizes for Waldo seekers with twenty or more stamps and one winner will go home with the grand prize!

The full list of participating stores can be found below.