My Favorite Books of March 2022

My Favorite Books of March 2022

I thought I read more in March. Maybe I thought that because I finally used like a dozen Audible credits sitting in my account. Or perhaps I dropped more books than I realized. But I only read eight books in March. For those keeping track, it’s the name number I read in February. I felt a little sad when I updated my reading list. I thought I’d read more.

Of those March reads, I gave two fiction books perfect grades. Read my reviews below.


Sadie by Courtney Summers is written in part from the point-of-view of a podcast host who is reluctantly reporting on the case of a missing girl.

The girl is 19-year-old Sadie Hunter. West McCray’s producer is a lot more interested in him following the case than he is. But then McCray discovers that Sadie went missing after someone murdered her younger sister, Mattie.

McCray begins to suspect that Sadie may be out to avenge her sister. And he’s correct. He needs to find her before she makes a decision that results in her fate mirroring her sister’s.

The Night Shift

Writers loosely base the best crime fiction on true stories. Don’t believe me, just watch Law & Order for just a few episodes. The show’s writers mirror recent crimes and scandals, adding in their characters. Sometimes, as I learned as a journalist, you just can’t make this shit up.

The premise of The Night Shift by Alex Finlay reminded me a lot of the Austin yogurt shop murders in 1991.

The book starts with the attack of four teenagers as they close up the New Jersey Blockbuster video where they work. Only one girl survives the attack on New Year’s Eve, 1999. Police nab a boyfriend for the murders but later have to let him go. He disappears.

The survivor goes on to become a therapist, but she’s still haunted by what happened that night. Then, 15 years later, a group of teenagers is attacked at an ice cream store in the same Jersey town. One girl lives. If it seems like too much of a coincidence, it’s because it is.

Happy Reading!

There they are! My two favorite books of March 2022. Even though I didn’t read a ton this month, I’m thrilled to think back on these two amazing books. I hope you read and love one or both of them. As always, happy reading!