Best of Books has helped hundreds of schools in the metro area and the state through its special 20% Program and Bodacious BOB's Book Drive.

In doing this, Best of Books offers schools and preschools a 20% credit off any regularly priced item in the store. That will allow any school to raise money or give discounts to their students by:

  1. Retaining the books and other items from Best of Books and then offering them through a special book fair or program at the school. The school then keeps 20 percent of the revenue or receives a special credit that can used to buy regularly priced books and other items.
  2. Allowing Best of Books to offer a book fair at a 20% discount to students and parents.

Educators also are offered 20% off their purchase of regularly priced items at Best of Books.

In September 2016, Best of Books launched Bodacious BOB's Book Drive, which provides donations of books to schools in need.

If you have a question or need more information on the programs, call us at 405-340-9202.